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Drowning on

Dry Land

Holding her head under

Filling mouth and then lungs

They fight, falling headlong down the rabbit hole

A frantic mouse in a bucket clawing at the sides

Drowning on dry land

Desperation flooding her thoughts

Muffled screams heard by no one

Color and value depart

Taking identity with them

Defeat comes with a final gasp

She fades into darkness


Teenagers struggle with stresses of adolescence, as they search for identity and acceptance. There is a sense of isolation and loneliness when they attempt to figure out how they fit in and how to cope with the pressures of being a teenager. They want their voices to be heard, but many times, they go unnoticed. Fear, insecurity and doubt can become overwhelming and sometimes cause social paralysis. These ideas are central to our journey through adolescence.

 Fine Art Photography | Brian Cole Photography

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